Craft Corner

 We here at Compu-Graphix specialize in the different and unexpected.  We have been around for 30 years and counting. In those years we have ran into our fair share of different items that we have been able to help customize for our customers. If you have a gift to buy for that person that has everything, or just do not like having the same item anyone else can buy from a retail store, come on in and check out some of the unique things that can be done to spruce up your special item.

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3/4 Inch PVC
Digital print made to look vintage


It’s Mardi Gras time.

Refresh your float!


Pensacola’s Historical Landmark

      The San Carlos Hotel

   (This is a refrigerator door)

 Transistor radio that a

customer brought in to

refurbish for his father.

We made a new face

for this radio!


Golf cart that our customer wanted to “Shine Like a New Penny.”

So we covered it completely in reflective vinyl.

You can see this bad boy coming from a mile away.


 Here is a new idea that we have been seeing more of lately.

Recovering light fixtures, it is an easy way of updating your house without breaking the bank.

Just a few square feet of material is plenty enough to complete an entire room.

With many different colors to choose from, including textured vinyl and patterns, we will be able to match your new room perfectly.


We will customize your cups if you bring them by with a design in mind!


Custom bait buckets!


We offer HTV (heat transfer vinyl) for all of our T-shirt makers out there!



We offer cut vinyl drop bags for beginners.

For the person

that has


These are just some of the unique items we can help bring to life, if your curious if we can assist you with your special project please feel free to bring it by and ask.